12 Balls in 6 pockets with just 1 smooth stroke of the cue!
Impossible you say? Not if you are Paul Gerni! With his refreshing personality and years of experience, Paul Gerni has entertained audiences in no less than 53 countries around the world, displaying the incredible artistry that has earned him international acclaim as the world's top trick shot master.

This is it!
Pool's best,
trick shot show!

Gerni once again rated as the #1 pool trick shot show!
Even though there are some other choices among professional stars to hire for personal appearances, there is again one clear choice for those looking for the right pro player with the right impact, presentation, and class. He is known in the billiard industry by such nicknames as “The Ambassador of Pool” and “Pool's Grandmaster of Trick Shots”. His name is Paul Gerni, and if you ask anyone who knows him and his promotion of pool, you will find out he is a true credit to the sport. It is no accident that he is respected around the world.

What Paul Gerni stands for is the positive promotion of the sport wherever it is played, and even where it isn't, and for the healthy business growth of the local billiard rooms and billiard retail stores.

He is a favorite of upscale billiard establishments because he will take the extra time for his positive promotion of pool for the news media and the local players, and with his show, to showcase the intricate skills, the “sizzle” to the game's “steak”. He is the one player with the right image for the sport, and has been often used as the sport's spokesperson in multiple pre-tournament interviews, with his proper command of the language and his amazing trick shot skills. He is the player you will be proud to bring to your event to show off this great sport. By taking his art and his showmanship to a higher level, he has left any competitors rather hopelessly behind him. He deserves the consideration of everyone in the billiard industry who takes the business seriously.

“Fantastic presentation! Excellent entertainment for the whole family! You won't need to know the difference between a 5-ball and an orange to enjoy this show... but it wouldn't hurt.”
(from a Show introduction, Harold Simonsen, Pool & Billiard Magazine)

“OK, I will be the first to tell you that I have never really been excited over pool trick shot shows . . . Then into Dallas came a Gentleman (capital G) named Paul Gerni. WHAT A SHOW IT WAS! Before it was over, I was converted. Except for Mr. Gerni's original shots, I have seen most of the shots before from so many other trick shot artists, but never were they performed with such obvious grace, accuracy, and professionalism. Mr. Gerni is not only a great player, but also a true entertainer, and better yet, he is an asset to the pool world. We should all be very proud that Paul Gerni is out there working for pool, and promoting it wherever he goes.”
(Richard Story, American Cueist Magazine)

“The Paul Gerni show has it all, as pool trick shot exhibitions go. It has stood firm over the years as the best and most popular trick shot exhibition program around the pool world since 1974, and still proves its number 1 rating with each show. Paul Gerni gets our highest rating, and makes us all proud of the positive direction of our sport.”
(Conrad Burkman, The Billiard News)


You may use this program for:

You can safely expect to have a very entertaining show, often with valuable media coverage. In this show you will see more balls pocketed in one hour than in any other pool trick shot show. You'll see some intriguing situation shots, some amazing multi-ball shots, some stupendous masse' shots and stroke shots, excellent prop shots, and more, all packaged neatly in a professional presentation and spiced with hilarious audience participation! It is indeed a GREAT TRICK SHOT SHOW your audience won't soon forget!

IF YOU BOOK A FULL DAY WITH PAUL GERNI, you can expect that Paul will take time for any media interviews you arrange for him, then take time for an afternoon practice session, plus an optional 60-minute informative workshop session if you desire. Finally, the full 60-75 minute trick shot show, plus time for autographs after the show.

If you are a college and would also like a noon hour show teaser, that may also be arranged.

For your company parties and trade shows, there are several professional agents that handle Paul Gerni's personal appearances for corporate and company events. They normally set his appearance fee at $7,500 USD + all expenses for travel, hotel, and meals.

Your specified or preferred date will be honored if it is available and approved with Mr. Gerni. Please go to the links page and choose an agent to work with, or contact Paul directly. Yes, it is possible for you to get the fee reduced slightly if Paul has other shows in the area at the time.

Want to book Paul Gerni for your trade show?
Paul is only $12,000 for a four-day trade show, plus all expenses.
Does your trade show run longer, or have fewer days? Just contact an agent to discuss this.

Some companies that have enjoyed Paul's appearances:
The Sprint Corporation, United Air Lines, Pioneer Seed, Miller Brewing Company, Nationwide Insurance, Access Group Inc., Timson Manufacturing Inc., Kansas City Life Insurance Co., General Electric, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, O'Donnell Construction, American United Life Insurance Co., Graebel Moving and Storage, Dave & Busters Inc., Fox and Hound Restaurant Group, ReMax Real Estate, Employers Reinsurance Corporation, and many more.

Ads and Commercials:
Performance commercials, using Paul Gerni's personal endorsement plus speaking/shooting a trick shot, are only $5,000 plus all expenses for travel, hotel, and meals. Contact us for details.

Name and Face Ads and Commercials: If you want a commercial that uses only Mr. Gerni's face and name, the fee is only $3,000 + expenses, unless residuals are negotiated.
Radio commercials are set at only $2,000 + expenses per 30-second spot.

College shows, military bases, and billiard room shows are simply priced at only $3600 plus all expenses for travel, hotel, and meals.
If you arrange a block of 3 or more college/military/billiard room shows in your area, the fee will drop to only $3,000 per show plus shared expenses. Want a lower price than that? You will love this, but you must call Paul to learn about a membership program that can help you get this show for only half the normal price.

College residency programs: If your college is interested in hosting Paul Gerni's pool trick shot show, instructional workshops or master class during a 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day period, you may inquire about this and get a more comfortable fee arrangement.

Tel. (913) 669-2431
E-mail: paul@paulgerni.us

“Paul Gerni is probably the biggest thing that's happened in this business as far as getting the public into the far-reaching aspects of trying to “sell” the game again, and get rid of the old image, as anyone or anything that we've done in this business. He is truly, in my opinion, and we've nicknamed him this, “The Ambassador of Pool”. With all his skills, P.R. Abilities, and his countless contributions to the billiard industry, and to billiard federations worldwide, Paul Gerni is a “can't-miss” Hall of Famer. . . . . I have had the great honor and extreme pleasure to watch this man work, as I have also watched Ralph Greenleaf, Jimmy Caras, Willie Mosconi, and the great trick shot artists Clarence Anderson and Charlie Peterson. Collectively, they have produced some of the finest exhibitions in cue history. But they all have to step aside for Paul Gerni. He doesn't have to take a back seat to any of them, and will probably go down as the greatest trick shot artist of all time.”
(A.M. “Red” Jones, past president, Billiard Congress of America)

OK, One more . . .

Rating the pool trick shot artists: Performance Magazine, entertainer ratings.
“Of all the appearances and trick shot demonstrations of the current professional players, Paul Gerni has, without any doubt, the smoothest presentation and the best audience rapport. He also has the best publicity materials by far, and is the most professional of the professionals in his conduct. What's more, he is friendly and very personable, and he is a gentleman. Finally, his incredible trick shot show is positively the best (and the funniest), and most enjoyable show on slate!”