“Paul Gerni has so dominated the discipline of Pool-Billiards trick shots that he has become the standard by which all the other trick shot artists of the world are measured.”
-- Stern Magazine (Germany)

“Gerni adds class to the once reviled game of pool. His scope is international and audiences everywhere relate to him. He is an articulate, talented champion who readily flashes his winning smile and always obliges autograph seekers. It’s no surprise that his name is bandied about with those of the great legends of the game.”
--Canadian Broadcast Corporation

“...Outstanding generosity, warmth, professionalism, and hard work. Few performers would be willing to duplicate Paul Gerni’s schedule and efforts to insure the success of a charity benefit, often foregoing needed rest and meals. He is a great player who truly cares about people with a depth that few achieve.”
--Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“Without a doubt the game’s greatest showman. He electrified the audiences with a pleasing mixture of trick shots and wit and humor, which separates him from all I other trick shot artists. His show format, his timing, and his way with the audiences were deserving of all three standing ovations.”
--Houston Post

“Gerni is called “the Ambassador” from the clean and fresh side of pool. He’s the son of a Lutheran minister, doesn’t smoke, drink, swear, gamble, or take drugs, and he does look every bit the diplomat.”
--Pensacola Journal

“Paul Gerni . . . was the real story behind the scenes. I’ve been around celebrities most of my life, but I’ve never seen anyone work so hard for the success of the event. I know how completely drained of energy he must have been, yet I heard not one word of complaint. It is people in the billiard world like Paul Gerni that make the rest of us realize that pool is still a gentleman’s game, and in my opinion, Mr. Gerni belongs at the top of the list.”
--Muscular Dystrophy Association

“An outstanding show in every way. Paul is a credit to the entertainment field, as he is professional, yet personable, and a true gentleman Without any hesitation, he has our highest recommendation.”
--NACA Programming Magazine

“He has a deep belief in God, a refreshing positive attitude, and the ability to laugh at himself. He has great natural talent, confidence, and quick wit, and handles his success very diplomatically. He is always honest and fair, and has a unique talent for thrilling audiences with impossible trick shots, and is succeeding in promoting a very positive and favorable image for the game.”
--The Nashville Tennesseean

“Mr. Gerni has an extraordinary talent and is a superb showman ....There are only a few times in my life that I have been so totally impressed by a talent. Mr. Gerni should be invited everywhere pool is played, for the impression he makes will be lasting. I do not use these words lightly -he is a true and valuable asset to the sport.”

--Union Services, St. Cloud State University

"Paul Gerni is probably the biggest thing that’s happened in this business as far as getting the public into the far-reaching aspects of trying to sell the game again, and get rid of the old image, as anyone or anything that we’ve done in this business........He is truly, in my opinion, and we’ve nicknamed him this, “The Ambassador of Pool” .....With all his skills, P.R. abilities, and his contributions to the billiard industry, and to the billiard federations worldwide, Paul Gerni is a can’t-miss Hall of Famer ......I have had the great honor and extreme pleasure to watch this man work, as I have also watched Ralph Greenleaf, Jimmy Caras, Willie Mosconi, and the great trickshooters, Clarence Anderson and Charlie Peterson. Collectively, they have produced some of the finest exhibitions in history. But they all have to step aside for Paul Gerni. He doesn’t have to take a back seat to any of them, and will probably go down as the greatest trick shot artist of all time.”
--A.M. “Red” Jones, past-President,
Billiard Congress of America

“As the “Mosconi-Gerni” exhibition progressed, Paul Gerni proceeded to rack up more smiles, laughs, and encore applause for his showmanship. It might better have been billed as the “Gerni-Mosconi” exhibition....Chalk up a large plus for pocket billiards -- Paul Gerni.”
--The Kansas City Star

“This show has it all, as billiard exhibitions go. It has stood firm as the most popular trick shot exhibition program around the world every year since 1974, and still proves its number one rating with every show.”
--Editor-Publisher, The Billiard News

“OK, I will be the first to tell you that I have never really been excited over pool trick shots....Then into Dallas came a Gentleman (capital G) named Paul Gerni. What a show it was! Before it was over, I was converted. I have seen most of the shots before (except for his original shots), but never before were they performed with such grace, accuracy, and professionalism. Mr. Gerni is a true entertainer, and, better yet, he is an asset to the pool world....We should all be proud that he is out there working for pool and promoting it wherever he goes.”
--Editor, American Cueist Magazine

“....Mr. Gerni’s professionalism, skills, and rapport with the audience went a long way towards promoting a positive image for the sport...The long line of people waiting to meet him after the show was amazing. And even more amazing was the fact that he stayed well past his performance to personally speak with each and every one. This probably helps to explain why his fans are so loyal.”
--University of West Florida